Friday, December 6, 2013

This will only work for so long

Hey folks,
After the last six days it probably feels like too many that stuffing your money under the mattress is the best way to go. 

As you can see even that has its disadvantages.  I had a very difficult time getting in and out of bed and having the ceiling pressed up against my face made breathing difficult. Not to mention, Buddy, my Doberman could not jump up onto the bed anymore.

Seriously though, the market has been down 5 days in a row, after reviewing the market charts we still remain in an overall uptrend. This is what I would call a healthy pullback. We have a long ways to fall before I would really start to worry. We actually got some decent economic data this week. If the jobs number turns out to be favorable today that would also be good news. However, its kind of a good news is bad news thing because if the economy appears to be strong enough to stand on its own without assistance from the fed then the easy money policy starts going away. That of course could mean higher interest rates and in theory that would be bad for growth.

Regardless of the weak action in this week there were still great stocks out there to play. There are always opportunities to take advantage of even if its only for a brief moment. Stocks like $PLUG, $BOSC, $WPCS, $IDRA,$FCEL, $PBYI and even $ADAT and that was only yesterday. I didn't catch them all but I did catch a couple of them and it was good enough to make me happy. Be patient don't chase, look for the opportunities, find your setup, develop your plan manage your risk and be disciplined. 

Morning movers and other stocks that caught my eye   

$BOSC Seeking alpha article decent flag daily, $BLDP continuation off pr last night, $CPST nice daily, $HIMX really looks like it wants to test the 12  dolla holla, $AMD pr this morning, $ADAT continuation?, $ARTX grinding higher, $GERN poppin off pr, $CUR nice daily, $ETAK active this morning, $WYY getting some action premarket, $GURE setting up nicely, $SGMO pr has a big V on the daily would have bee nice to get a couple weeks ago, $ZIOP pr hot looking daily 

Seeking Alpha
Today's Markets:
In Asia, Japan +0.8% to 15300. Hong Kong +0.1% to 23743. China-0.4% to 2237. India +0.15% to 20989.
In Europe, at midday, London +0.4%. Paris +0.1%. Frankfurt +0.5%.
Futures at 6:20: Dow +0.3%. S&P +0.4%. Nasdaq +0.3%. Crude -0.1%to $97.24. Gold -0.2% to $1229.60.
Ten-year Treasury Yield -1 bps at 2.87%.
Notable earnings before today's open: AEOBNSFGPGCO
 “Carry overs” are stocks that I have featured in prior videos, have on my alert list or tagged on my morning mover lists that still have a potential setup working or developing on the chart that may be actionable. They are still on my radar and I am either already in with a swing or I am looking to enter on a breakout. I am also looking for the setup to breakdown at which point it will discard it from my hot watch list. If I am already in it with a swing I am looking for a place to scale out or exit the trade and on rare occasions I may be adding to my position. Typically I like to sell into strength



Potential swings and recent starters


Good luck trading today !!