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No Drama, No Arrogance, No Strings! Just traders helping traders! 


"I started trading a few months ago and I didn’t really trade ETF’s before. I’m learning gradually how to enter trade with what the market gives you. There’s a tons of good traders in there that are willing to help you and explain to you why they traded that ETF or stock at that time. By far one of the best chatrooms i’ve been in. No BS. No selfish traders. AWESOME, keep it alive!"


"Tim wanted to take a minute and say Thanks for starting/maintaining the chat, I have been  in others and the room you are putting together is awesome and is attracting some very good traders.
Really like the format of not only posting trades but more so explaining reason for entry and exit plan allowing members to check their charts/indicators and make a decision on their own, no blind following which teaches nothing. Looking forward to a great future here."

Chuck Markley (limitless)

"Hi Tim,

First and foremost want to thank you for having an awesome free chatroom that I can come and shares my ideas and learns from each other. 

My specialty are ETF and I needs to get better at other opportunity when ETF dry up and when volatility are not there anymore.  Your news updates are fast and you always available for questions and the ways you helps newbies in the room are amaze me everyday.

I am grateful for people in the room especially thanks to @eric_esquire made me laugh everyday and that is why I come back everyday.

We work hard and laugh hard so please keep up the good work and stay cool! Plus this is all FREE what else can a girl ask for? NOTHING more and nothing less just perfect!"



Here is my testimonial:

“I was an institutional market maker for many years prior to day trading.  I have been day trading for about a year now.  I have been following Tim on Twitter and receiving his weekly videos and daily blogs for a few months.  The first thing I was impressed with was the inspirational messages Tim posts on his web page every day.  He is an extremely positive person and positivity begets positivity.  The chat room is fantastic.  I look forward to getting on it every morning.  Everyone in the room wants to learn and the stronger traders want to teach and coach.  It isn’t about a stock tip and following blindly.  It’s about a plan and a strategy for everyone and you are held to task for your own educational benefit.  I’m thankful to be included in this group and I look forward to much success for everyone.”

Peter Stark

"TradersDen provides an in depth look at how to think and react to the market in real time.  
The expertise is top notch, walking you through what they are looking at, the risk/reward on the trade, and the money management.  

Watching the traders over time gives you enough confidence to become a independent consistent trader.  I've been in other chats before and by far I am the most 
consistent with this one."

Thank you Tim and Grim

"Awesome room. Thanks Tim for having this free room and educating many."
Gaurav Oberoi

"Hi Tim, Chao Chi Grimm,

For 1 1/2 years now I have paid $1000's toward trading educations and paying fees to be a part of two chat rooms so that I would understand and master my passion for trading stock, but I was struggling to find my niche, success and consistency and was about to give up trading until I come across Grimm's tweet which led me to your free chat room. I know both of you are not investment advisers and have better things to do than offer us free educational guidance(I give you both lots of respect for doing this as I'm a true believer in helping others and giving back especially coming from someone who escaped from a war torn country in Vietnam and growing up poor with too much scars to count). This speak a lots about your belief in sharing and giving back. I could only say good things. For the short amount of time watching you guys trades and seeing both of you sharing your ideas has help me tremendously. Since joining your chat room, I have been going back to basic with trading smaller size, switching between paper trading and with real money. I've been positive consistently daily with a set  goal of $100  and $200 a day so far surpassing my goal and mainly focusing on UVXY, XIV, TVIX and once a blue moon a potential abcd(setup) ticker.  I hope to continue my journey to learn and look up to both of you as mentors, teacher and friend. Please keep up your excellent work in the chat room. To show my appreciation please don't hesitate to let me know if I can be of help! Thanks again for your guidance and the best to both of you and your family!!"


"Hi Tim,
user "dogshogun" here.
Great chatroom. It's a godsend. I'm trading from Japan so I can really only trade the open and the close, but all you do is super helpful, so thanks so much."
Scott M

Brief history – Enjoyed my career in Financial Services for almost 30 years, flipping IPOs in my teens to recent PA trading hassles with restrictions imposed by my role with a UHNW family office investment manager. Redundancy 4 years ago put me on a path to DayTrading capital I couldn’t afford to lose. Today, I consider myself fortunate to call Traders Den community my colleagues and friends, rightly or wrongly as I do not contribute to your room at present. Prior to Traders Den inception, I wasted far too much time, energy and what little risk capital I had with other paid services and educational material, chasing strategies and dreams that were not a good match for my personal risk appetite, desperation and emotions – I cannot afford to fail. Glad my love hate relationship continues with trading as it means my trading journey continues and i'm still in the game. Due to time zones I study our chat logs and charts when i wake up. Today was no exception - with the benefit of hindsight, admiring how you and other members consistently call out, manage and profit from your shared trade ideas. Yesterday your DUST call was spot on and the room frequently offers examples of how patience, discipline, trade plans with set r/r define success as a trader, it’s truly inspirational. Continuing to work on my own strategy, build confidence and manage my ambition to grow my small account. I am reminded daily that I’m in the right place to give me the best chance for success. Your morning commentary, news alerts, trade ideas, support, patience, weekend educational webinars, generosity are some of the benefits and reasons why I’m encouraged about my future and delighted to be a part of Traders Den community. Thank you!

Have a great weekend,"


I'm one of those people that hopped from one chat room to another, mostly paid subscriptions, until I came across Tim's chatroom. In all honesty, the first day I was in chat, the honesty, professionalism and educational materials that Tim, Grimm and others provide caught me off guard. Here I am paying 100's of dollars in chatrooms, when Tim provides the same thing for free. Finally, I felt like this is where I belong, this is my home. Chat room is great for both new traders and experienced traders alike. New traders get help on the spot, ive witnessed Tim or Grimm personally handing out their emails like candy and seeking to help out. As for experienced traders, well along with Tim, theres Grimm. Yes the ETF guru :), shes awesome ! One day I hope to pay it forward the same way Tim and Grimm are doing. I look up to both, along with ModernRock, Monacotrader & MichailShadkin. Come check it out, if nothing else, I know for a fact you'll learn something. 

OP from chatroom

Hey Tim, I'm new here and of course always learning. Have been in your chat for a couple days and have to say "Its Truly Awesome". Everyone here as well very inspiring. Someone told me about this room and I am glad they did. All the work you put into this chat room and your website definitely shows your dedication and true leadership in helping others find their way and improve the community of traders. Looking forward to all the great work you do. 
New Trader

Hey Tim sorry I haven't been by the trade room in a while but this time of year is crazy busy for me. I just want you to know how awesome your chat room is and I really appreciate you for it. Just me adding the VWAP to my toolbox has made a big difference in my trading being more consistent. So thanks, hope to get back to full time trading and your chatroom soon!

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