Well if you follow me on Twitter or Stocktwits you already know I am a little wacky. I am an investor / day trader /unemployed comedian and this site was originally set up to find other like minded stock junkies to bounce ideas off of and share my experiences in my new career as a day trader. 

It is evolving at a very rapid pace, into far more than I could have anticipated. I have met some fantastic people through this site and in some instances, I feel as though I have really helped put people on the right path to success a well as shared some pretty stellar stock picks if I do say so myself! 

My background consists of being involved in the stock market for the better part of my life. Since I was but a young strapping stud at the age 20. I had tremendous success over the years, along with some complete failures when it came to investing. Fortunately for me, my successes far outweighed my failures. It was that success that gave me my passion for stocks and investing. Ultimately it is that success that has allowed me to pursue my dream of making my living trading the market. I have worked hard all my life and been everything from a butcher to a baker but I was never a candlestick maker. I had a very successful career in the corporate world but my true passion has always been stocks and I needed to find a way to make a living trading stocks. Investing is a long term strategy and one that can pay off huge but it takes time, lots and lots of time. Investing is what gave me the funds to learn how to make a living trading. Investing and trading are two completely different things and it wasn't till I took a course @ Bulls on Wall Street that I finally realized that.

I now trade for a living and have the tools to do so successfully. However, I am also still investing, I have become a hybrid.  I know that these two styles are very conflicting and that is why it helps that I have multiple personalities. Just kidding! Reality is that I love to do the research, I like finding the hidden gems out there and I have the patience to let those gems develop. Some may refer to that as "bag holding" but if the bag you are holding continues to grow because the cash in it continues to expand well than that's a bag I don't mind holding on to. Now, with the day trading tools,and the technical analyses of charts it has made my investing portfolio much more effective. The results have been fantastic and my game plan has become much more refined as I have learned to incorporate the technical s in with the fundamentals. The key is differentiating what type of trade it is going to be, either a day trade, a swing or a long term hold. So now I feel I am living the best of both worlds. I day trade to pay my living expenses,  and I still invest for the long haul and my eventual retirement.   

I started this site to find more day traders, keep track of my trades to use it as more of a journal. I have come to realize that most people out there are not full time day traders. Most are people that have full time jobs that want to put heir hard earned dollars to work for them. They can't or have no desire to sit and watch stocks all day.

This site is for everyone, day traders, swing traders and investors. I welcome you all!  It is my best hope that we can establish a good community of like minded individuals that ultimately have one goal in mind. Make a better life for ourselves and others. Using the stock market as our vehicle to get us there, at least from a financial perspective.

 If you can relate, I encourage you to sign up to receive direct emails from my blog. I share videos of stocks that I like for both short term day trades as well as potential swing or long term investments. Each day I send out a list of morning movers, economic events and other things that catch my eye. Each evening I send out my video watch lists and on the weekends I send out a video watch for the upcoming week. There will be new additions to the site soon including my personal swing and long term investment portfolio.There are several links to other blogs and investment sites that I use regularly and I am always adding more so if you have any suggestions of books that I should read or sites I should add please do not hesitate to share with me @ Alphawolfvegas66@gmail.com. I welcome and encourage all your suggestions.

I look forward to sharing with you all and I wish each and everyone of you the very best that life has to offer personally, professionally, financially and spiritually.