Monday, October 20, 2014

Big week for Earnings

Good morning Folks, 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend, you are well rested and ready for a productive week. 
It looks like IBM missed their earnings and we have had a reversal in the pre-market. If you watched my videos this weekend you will know that I was a bit concerned about this being such a big earnings week. We still have some big hitters coming up this week and the impact could be less than favorable for the markets if they disappoint. 

I think this is a good week to remain cautious, look for opportunities in companies that get thrown out with the bath water. If you are a swing trader or long term investor look for good companies with good fundamentals and good earnings that are getting a beat down just because the market is down. Remember that cash is a position too and its a great position to be in when there is weakness in the markets. For you day traders out there >Don't feel as though you have to trade every day or every hour of the day, wait for the ideal setup, target entry, have your risk reward ratio and stick to your plan. Do not let a day trade become a swing trade and make sure to book some profit when its there. 

Stocks on my Radar this morning
BBRY rumor mill about a buyout possible 10 dolla holla, AFFX pr lots of resistance overhead needs to power through 8.25 or so , AST very thin PR this morning looking for trendline break with volume , FOLD decent daily pr, SCOK pr Gapper, 
APRI possible continuation of Fridays move off pr, 
STNG pr possible continuation of Friday move, 

EBOLA plays getting whacked with the lack of new headlines    

This weekends video's in case you missed them .

Video Link Market Wrap 

Video Link for Stocks to watch
I didn't have any small oils on my watch list but that whole sector is on my radar

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