Friday, October 2, 2015

I'm Back >Well Kinda

Good Morning folks,
Well I have my desktop back and its working better than ever. After a great weekend at the Traders4aCause event where I did learn a few things. I have to give Nate and his team props for doing a great job on the event.  

I have another event this weekend with Tim Sykes, Superman, and my good friend Kunal. I will be sharing they key takeaways of these to events in greater detail next week.

I am still in the camp, at least in the near term, that the market is GUILTY till proven innocent. We have non farm payrolls this morning which could set the tone for the markets. Is it just me or do there seem to be a lot more layoff announcements lately? If that intensifies it could foreshadow something more ominous around the corner for our economy. However, we don't need to start panicking now. 

 I am still paying very close attention to the IBB IWM and the SMH for hints of a a market turn. This remains a buy the dips sell the rips type of traders market.

 Be careful out there >it is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to have a plan for each and every trade you take. Even if you take a losing trade that doesn't necessarily mean it was a bad trade as long as you had a disciplined approach and you execute your plan well. More on that next week. 

On a separate and disappointing note, TICKER TV is shutting down!!! It was a great service but it appears they could not make the economics work. Unfortunately that means no more live videos unless I can find a suitable venue replacement. I am not much of a tech guy so if anyone has any suggestions hit me up.  

Stocks on my radar premarket

Bullish and may have lottos in play

Cautiously optimistic

Very Cautious may even present a short opportunity

Barracuda Networks Announces $50M Buyback Plan
Lil gap premarket Proposed buybacks are nice but keep in mind
they don't HAVE to buyback their shares nor does it mean they are going to buy them now so do not chase but big gap on the daily to fill 
ZIOP is a Bill Miller fave no news really but if the Biotech sector gets an oversold bounce this could give a nice snap back  Seems to be testing support if it fails could go retest the 8 range or eve fill the gap to 6 so be careful
H.C. Wainwright Initiates Coverage on Synergy Pharmaceuticals at Buy, Announces $20.00 PT
H.C. Wainwright initiates coverage on Synergy Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: SGYP) with a Buy rating and a $20.00 price target.
This was out yesterday another Biotech that could get a snap back One thing I do not like is an insider sold and has ZERO shares. Lots of debt so this one should be considered a day trade or size it right for a very short term swing Technically it has filled tha gap on the daily could be a nice bounce area
Bronte Captal Long SunEdison
Full disclosure I started building a long term hold in this one and I am under water. I have a limit buy to add in the 6.50 range as of now my dollar cost average is in the 8.70 range Insider buying in the 10 range and overblown debt concerns > I think this once could be a big winner over the long haul but its not for the faint of heart>this could take awhile to play out so position yourself accordingly 
TROV is another ZIOP type play if the IBB pops then we could get a nice snapback here they recently did an offering near nine 
CalAmp Beats Q2 Views, Shares Surge
Shares of CalAmp Corp. (NASDAQ: CAMP) surged more than 6 percent in after-hours trading after the company reported upbeat results for its fiscal second quarter.
Gapping premarket into resistance don't chase look for intraday setup and potential 17 dolla holla with conviction
Transenterix Director Biffi Buys 25,000 Shares @$2.37/Share -Form 4
Always good to see insiders buy filled the gap on the daily could get a bounce and a test of 3 low floater may need to raise cash soon 
Job numbers just hit and they missed big time, they also revised down the two previous months. This is not a good trend folks >>>not time to panic.......HOWEVER .......... Be Very careful out there  
Keep an eye on gold and the miners as potential over reaction and a flight to percieved safety trade