Friday, December 20, 2013

Pause to refresh

Good morning Folks,
Not surprisingly we had a day of consolidation yesterday after the huge pop on Wednesday. Today may be more of the same as the market digests the move.

While I have had a decent week from trading, I have been off with my timing and missed several good trades. Yesterday I took one day trade and I lost a few pennies. It isn't that I didn't see any opportunities, there were many out there. I have had external forces that have been occupying my thoughts which have taken me a little out off sync. Knowing that I am not entirely on top of my game has me taking a more cautious approach. I have been too greedy with my entry targets and that's okay for me as I would rather miss the trade then try to chase it when I have other things distracting me.

I had some great action in a few names with my lotto shares and I was able to scale out some locking in gains. As I have written many times before there is nothing wrong with sitting on the sidelines if you are not feeling it. Being strong doesn't always mean you have to fight the battle. True strength is being humble enough to walk away with your head held high.

That being said, I am ready to kick some major BOOOOTEEEEYYY today.

Stocks on the move and others that caught my eye

$BIOS love the action last few days. $ORMP pr 50 bounce, $BCRX pr a little extended on the daily, $BBRY bouncing off a terrible earnings report maybe the bottom has been found,  $ARIA continuation. $CYTR active premarket, $ATHX like the action last couple days riding the 20day, $ASTC been on a tear extended on the daily but just might have more in it, $APRI pr can be a pop and flopper which is pretty funny if you know what kind of company they are > just sayin , $DRYS active premarket decent daily, $OTIV insider buy PR love the daily, $AMBA really hot daily more of a swing for me 

Seeking Alpha
Today's Markets:
In Asia, Japan +0.1% to 15870. Hong Kong -0.3% to 22812. China -2%to 2085. India +1.8% to 21079.
In Europe, at midday, London +0.1%. Paris -0.1%. Frankfurt +0.4%.
Futures at 6:20: Dow +0.1%. S&P +0.1%. Nasdaq +0.2%. Crude +0.85%to $98.63. Gold +0.2% to $1195.60.
Ten-year Treasury Yield flat at 2.93%.
Today's economic calendar:
8:30 GDP Q3
8:30 Corporate Profits
11:00 Kansas City Fed Mfg Survey
Notable earnings before today's open: BBRYFINLKMXNAVWAG

“Carry overs” are stocks that I have featured in prior videos, have on my alert list or tagged on my morning mover lists that still have a potential setup working or developing on the chart that may be actionable. They are still on my radar and I am either already in with a swing or I am looking to enter on a breakout. I am also looking for the setup to breakdown at which point it will discard it from my hot watch list. If I am already in it with a swing I am looking for a place to scale out or exit the trade and on rare occasions I may be adding to my position. Typically I like to sell into strength

Starting something new
 I will be doing videos for Swing positions both current and for stocks that are on my radar. These are often higher priced stocks with really sweet looking setups. These videos will be posted each weekend in @Noanettraders "trader education for members." Noanet is an excellent trader and he has a fantastic service where you can sign up for a free 5 day trial. If you haven't already, go by and check it out and this is where you will find my swing videos.
Good luck Trading today !!