Thursday, November 14, 2013

Failure is part of the journey

Hey folks 
So yesterday started off with me taking a trade in $FU and unfortunately for me it gave me the finger. That may sound crude and I apologize if that offends anyone but its true. I anticipated more strength ion the move off of earnings than it had. My entry was decent but I probably should have waited longer before taking my position. 
So I started out in the hole. I did not let that rattle me or impact my mood. I didn't change my trading behavior to try and make up for the loss I just stuck to my game plan and kept taking singles and doubles until I was back to even, and eventually in the green. $NURO, $QTWW, $GALE all helped me overcome my morning mishap. You are not going to win on every trade>>>>> you will have FAILURES!
What is important is how you manage and minimize losses with your stops  and how you conduct yourself after, that will ultimately determine your success.  Recognize that failure is part of the journey its not the final outcome. Failure it is what helps make us stronger, smarter, and frankly better individuals if we learn handle it properly.

Morning movers and other stocks on my radar 

$TCX earnings thin one but good bounce setup , $BORN earnings china thin but i can fly nice daily , $NURO continuation could be getting extended so be careful, $NVAX pr, $ZGNX upgrade 20 day bounce, $YUME earnings recent IPO don't chase if it gaps up, $DANG looks like ten dolla holla , $CLNE on fast money last night daily not bad looks like it wants back over the 200 day,  $PLUG  eanings, $OXBT pr nice flag on the daily , $ZIOP active premarket decent daily, $CREG huge earnings beat china name hot daily  , $GALE continuation ?

Seeking Alpha
Today's Markets:
In Asia, Japan +2.1% to 14876. Hong Kong +0.8% to 22649. China+0.6% to 2100. India +1% to 20399.
In Europe, at midday, London +0.8%. Paris +0.7%. Frankfurt +0.9%.
Futures at 6:20: Dow +0.1%. S&P +0.2%. Nasdaq -0.1%. Crude -0.1%to $93.76. Gold +1.3% to $1284.50.
Ten-year Treasury Yield +2 bps to 2.72%.
Notable earnings after today's close: AAMATHMINJWNYOKU

“Carry overs” are stocks that I have featured in prior videos, have on my alert list or tagged on my morning mover lists that still have a potential setup working or developing on the chart that may be actionable. They are still on my radar and I am either already in with a swing or I am looking to enter on a breakout. I am also looking for the setup to breakdown at which point it will discard it from my hot watch list. If I am already in it with a swing I am looking for a place to scale out or exit the trade and on rare occasions I may be adding to my position. Typically I like to sell into strength



Good luck trading today !!