Friday, October 18, 2013

Let the good times roll !

With strong earnings from $GOOG last night and $MS this morning it looks like we could continue to grind higher. For you swingers out there $MS could be a great target on a pull back.  I am also considering a position in $SOCL ETF the chart looks great and with $GOOG,$FB $LNKD En Fuego and $TWTR on the way this could be a great way to participate.

I had a short trading day yesterday but had decent trades in $GST and $SCON I also tried to take $PRKR which was foolish since it resumed trading too close to the time I had to leave for my appointment and I could not hold it long enough before I had to leave which resulted in a small loss.  

Morning movers and other stocks that caught my eye

$ZHNE earnings beat 52 week highs premarket  look for a setup.  $HIMX active premartket, $ONVO active nice daily, $ANAC flying premarket on pr great daily and 52 week highs pre, $SIRI look for a 4 dolla holla with conviction, $DANG active premarket, $MY continuation?, $RSOL continuation? , $LLEN gettin a little play pre market, $KERX continuation, $MPEL 52 week highs on deck 
“Carry overs” are stocks that I have featured in prior videos, have on my alert list or tagged on my morning mover lists that still have a potential setup working or developing on the chart that may be actionable. They are still on my radar and I am either already in with a swing or I am looking to enter on a breakout. I am also looking for the setup to breakdown at which point it will discard it from my hot watch list. If I am already in it with a swing I am looking for a place to scale out or exit the trade and on rare occasions I may be adding to my position. Typically I like to sell into strength
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Today's Markets:
In Asia, Japan -0.2% to 14562. Hong Kong +1.1% to 23340. China+0.2% to 2194. India +2.3% to 20883.
In Europe, at midday, London +0.3%. Paris +0.4%. Frankfurt +0.1%.
Futures at 6:20: Dow +0.1%. S&P +0.1%. Nasdaq +0.4%. Crude +0.2%to $100.88. Gold -0.4% to $1318.10.
Ten-year Treasury Yield -5 bps to 2.55%
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Good luck trading today!!