Monday, November 24, 2014

Tankful is the theme this week

Good morning folks,
Looks like the arty is going to continue. We have green across the board premarket. We have some merger activity with both RNA and CIMT getting gobbled up. Like I stated in the videos the market remains innocent until proven guilty.  

Video links from this weekend
A special thank you video explaining how I decide when to swing or take a stock for a long term hold.

My take on the markets

Stocks to Watch

Stocks on my radar this morning

CNIT pr big gapper could be a runner off the news but need to wait for a setup, GALE daily kinda interesting, AMRN putting in a flag on the daily, SRPT active premarket, MY earnings decent daily,    

Seeking Alpha
Today's Markets:
In Asia, Japan +0.3% to 17357. Hong Kong +2% to 23893. China +1.9% to 2534. India +0.6% to 28500.
In Europe, at midday, London -0.1%. Paris +0.9%. Frankfurt +0.8%.
Futures at 6:20: Dow +0.2%. S&P +0.2%. Nasdaq +0.3%. Crude +0.1% to $76.60. Gold -0.2% to $1196.
Ten-year Treasury Yield +2 bps to 2.33%
Notable earnings before today's open: DCIXENTANMTSL
Best of Success!