Monday, February 8, 2016

Don't Wait Too Long!

Good morning folks,
Well the Superbowl played out exactly as I had hoped. It would be nice to Peyton Manning will retire and ride off into the sunset on a career high. I am feeling a bit foggy this morning after one heck of a party with tremendous food, awesome friends and family.

It is looking pretty ugly out there preamarket almost as scary as puppymonkeybaby
So this morning we are looking at a weak open as the rest of the globe reacts off of what our markets did on Friday. Oil appears to be under more pressure after a weekend meeting between Saudi Arabia and Venezuela failed to deliver any proposal to reduce supply.The tension with North Korea and their desire to display their military capabilities isn't help matters. 

It should be an interesting week with Janet Yellen speaking on Wednesday along with some more high profile earnings. If you have been following me for awhile you know that I like to watch insider buying activity as well as some of the big money guys like the Baker Bros in Biotech. Insiders don't always get it right and neither do the Baker Bros as is the case with BCRX this morning after reporting clinical data. Its a good example you how challenging and volatile the biotech industry can be.

Volatility                            Oil                                             Biotech
UVXY XIV TVIX     UWTI DWTI GUSH DRIP                     IBB LABU LABD       
 Gold                                                                 SILVER             Dollar 
         USLV                UUP 

A few Stocks on the Radar premarket

SUPN press release GAPPER 
TRXC gappin off rumor of acquisition and some form 4 releases on Friday